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SoundComply is the quick and easy way to assess facility noise-related risk and find a path to achieve regulatory compliance.

SoundComply is an interactive online tool that provides insight into noise risk and a pathway to complete a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) to achieve regulatory compliance for energy and resource facilities operating in Alberta. Whether planning a new facility or expanding an existing one, SoundComply should be the step to take well before starting a regulatory application.

In Alberta, energy and resource facilities are required to complete an NIA when planning a new project or expanding an existing facility to comply with Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 038: Noise Control requirements. SoundComply helps these facilities understand their noise risk by analyzing facility noise sources in relation to adjacent facilities and residences, and provides guidance on the best type of noise assessment to ensure regulatory compliance.

With the right information entered, SoundComply can determine if a Screening Noise Impact Assessment, or a more detailed NIA is appropriate for a particular facility, based on its location, type of equipment and proximity of neighbouring facilities and residences.

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How does it Work?

SoundComply is a 3-stage process that starts with an overall risk assessment based on a few key pieces of information about your subject facility.


Risk Assessment Tool

With details about your facility location and high-level equipment specifications, SoundComply confirms the study area by assessing adjacent facilities and nearby residences. During this stage, SoundComply will determine noise-related risk and produce a report indicating whether your facility falls within the recommended Directive 038 Permissible Sound Levels (PSL). If your facility falls within the criteria, you can proceed to Stage 2 and complete the Screening Noise Impact Assessment to be used as part of your application.

If your facility doesn’t fall within the recommended PSL based on the facility information entered, you can try different scenarios, or proceed to Stage 2 where we will ask more detailed questions. Stage 1 of SoundComply has been designed to be used multiple times, so you can test the impacts of different facility locations and parameters to support early planning. When you use this tool for planning purposes, you’ll get better results, sooner, with fewer surprises.

While the report produced at this stage can’t be used as part of your Noise Impact Assessment application, or to replace one altogether, it will make the process a whole lot easier and get the conversation about noise and its impact on the community started a whole lot earlier. Many users use Stage 1 to support budgeting and siting decisions during the initial planning phase of development.


Detailed Equipment Specifications

After the results of Stage 1, you can proceed to Stage 2: Detailed Equipment Specifications. This step involves entering more detailed equipment specifications and expands upon the information previously entered in Stage 1 to determine eligibility for a Screening NIA for AER Directive 038. This information also saves time when creating a scope for a full NIA if the project is in a location with too much risk for a Screening NIA.


Screening Noise Impact Assessment Report

The Screening NIA is an approved document by the AER as sufficient to demonstrate compliance with Directive 038 regulations. You can proceed through the entire Screening NIA process free of charge, however, if you qualify for a Screening NIA based on the information provided, you are given the option to purchase for a $1,200 CDN fee.

If you choose to purchase the Screening NIA, the information entered in the Screening NIA will be analyzed by experienced acousticians and P.Eng.-stamped report will then be sent to you, which can be submitted to the AER to demonstrate Directive 038 compliance.

What do I need to get started?

Stage 1: Risk Assessment Tool

  • Location of subject facility
  • Location of nearby residences
  • Type of facility planned
  • Total HP of your facility
  • Overall quantity and type(s) of equipment

Stage 2: Detailed Equipment Specifications

  • List of all on-site equipment
  • Specifications on each piece of equipment (i.e. HP, engine type, enclosure, muffler, cooler data)

If you don’t have all the information required, don’t worry… you can save your progress at any step in SoundComply and come back at any time to complete the process.

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Brought to you by Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering and backed by more than 30 years of experience and data, SoundComply is the science of acoustics simplified. Using this online tool is your first step towards regulatory compliance, cost control, and mitigating risk

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