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Regulatory compliance, simplified

SoundComply is an online tool that provides insight into noise risk for energy and resource facilities operating in Alberta under Directive 038. It also offers intuitive solutions for completing a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) to achieve regulatory compliance.

Whether planning a new facility or expanding an existing one, SoundComply's online tool ought to be your first step, long before starting a regulatory application.

What is Directive 038?

How it Works






SoundComply's 3-stage process starts with a general risk assessment based on key information about your facility.

Assess your risk

By assessing your facility location and basic equipment specifications, SoundComply confirms your study area by locating adjacent facilities and nearby residences.

During this stage, SoundComply determines noise-related risk and produces a report indicating whether your facility falls within the recommended Directive 038 Permissible Sound Levels (PSL).

What happens if I fail this step?

Detail your equipment

Once the first stage is complete, you'll enter detailed equipment specifications and facility details to determine if your project is eligible for a Screening NIA for AER Directive 038.

This step saves you time when creating a scope for a full NIA, particularly if the project is flagged as too risky for a Screening NIA.

Apply for a Screening NIA

Once you’ve entered your detailed data, you can proceed through the entire Screening NIA process free of charge. If you qualify for a Screening NIA based on the information provided, you'll be given the option to purchase for a $1,200 CDN fee.

What happens when I purchase a Screening NIA?

What do I need to get started?

If you don’t have all the information required up-front, don’t worry. SoundComply allows you to save your progress during any step, and return to your work later to complete the process.

Risk Assessment Tool

  1. Location of subject facility
  2. Location of nearby residences
  3. Type of facility planned
  4. Total HP of your facility
  5. Overall quantity and type(s) of equipment

Noise Impact Assessment

  1. List of all on-site equipment
  2. Specifications on each piece of equipment (i.e. HP, engine type, enclosure, muffler, cooler data)
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SoundComply is expertise innovated.

Presented by Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering and backed by more than 30 years of experience and data, SoundComply is acoustic science, simplified.

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